Runaway MADNESS or EPIC entertainment?

YOU DECIDE : Sunday 19th Sept 2021



Create and enter a soapbox cart

We’re looking for individuals and teams to create and enter their own soapbox carts.

Impress your friends and family with your engineering, creative and race technique.

Soapbox cart specification

  1. Wheels – Soap Box must be designed to have three or four load-bearing wheels.
  2. Driving Position – The driver must be seated and forward-facing.
  3. Propulsion – Gravity propulsion – i.e. no motors, no pedals, and no stored potential energy. A push start of no more than 10 metres with a maximum of two pushers is allowed.
  4. Steering – Soapbox must have an effective steering system with adequate turning ability for the course layout.
  5. Braking – Soapbox must have an effective braking system. The brakes must be capable of holding the vehicle on the hill when laden with a driver. It must not be possible for any part of the driver’s body to become trapped in moving parts of the vehicle (i.e. wheels, steering assembly, etc).
  6. Bodywork and Controls – Bodywork and controls must not impede the driver in exiting the vehicle unaided. Any doors or hatches required for driver access must be readily operated from both inside and outside the vehicle without the use of tools.
  7. Construction – No glass or other materials that would shatter or cause injuries to drivers and spectators in the event of a crash can be used in the construction of the vehicle. Any steering column, brake lever, or other protrusion must be designed and fitted such that puncture injuries cannot happen.
  8. Soapbox must have no loose parts or sharp edges.
  9. No loose weights will be allowed inside or outside the soapbox.

Soapbox race rules

  1. Appropriate personal protective equipment must be worn by contestants, specifically a secured helmet, gloves and any other items deemed necessary for your safety.
  2. Scrutineering will take place approximately one week before the race. Full details will be given closer to the time.
  3. The Soapbox runs will start at Priest Hil, Farley Hill, Reading, RG7 1XH at 13:00hrs.
  4. Timing will be basic with a stopwatch and radios. We don’t think we will measure 100ths!
  5. Teams must assemble in the pits at the top of Priest Hill at 12:00 noon. The Drivers’ Briefing will follow this at 12:45 pm.
  6. Entry fee will be £30 for adult category carts and £15 for junior carts.
  7. The race is open to all homemade soapboxes, all of which will race against the clock, one at a time. Once the soapbox has been removed from the circuit, the next soapbox competitor will start.
  8. The fastest overall soapbox in the timed runs will win the Event trophy and bragging rights!
  9. The cart’s design and construction will be considered, and the best entrant will win a prize.
  10. The soapbox and all remains must be removed immediately after the soapbox run.
  11. If time and construction permit, a second race may be permitted. Your fastest time will be your result.

Soapbox race disclaimer

By taking part in the Farley Hill Soap Box Race, you will be required to comply with and be bound by the rules and regulations of the event at all times. (The rules are available to download from the website), and in particular:

  • Ensure that your soapbox is in good working order before attending the event (even if it isn’t by the finish!).
  • You will accept that you will understand that soapbox racing can contain certain inherent risks by taking part in the event. You will participate entirely at your own risk and accept that the event organisers are not liable for any loss, damage, claim, expense, injury, or accidents which may arise as a consequence of negligence. You will remain responsible for your property and actions. We recommend that participants have appropriate sports insurance cover in place. If you do happen to hurt yourself, personal sports cover will help cover medical costs and associated costs.
  • All entrants ( drivers or passengers must have their own insurance to participate in the event. Here is a link to one particular company that offers insurance, but entrants can choose any insurer they want…

Register your soapbox cart


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Spectator tickets

The event will take place on Sunday 19th September 2021.
The car park will be open from 12:00 noon
The first adult race will be at 13:00
The first junior race will be at 14:00

Food will be available to purchase on-site from the Bluebell Box

Toilets are located at Victory Hall.
The bar will be open at the finishing line at the bottom of Priest Hill with guest brewer and sponsor – Siren Craft Brew.


Adults £4,
Kids £2,
Family £10.

Thank you to our sponsors

Siren Craft Brew

Helping good causes

Raising money for Victory Hall Trust & Backup who support the technical entertainments industry staff in hard times.